RSS’ NOTA Nightmare

November 05 2018

The Sangh leadership is a worried lot over the fast erosion of the Central government’s popularity graph. And particularly the mood of voters in the three poll-bound states in the Hindi heartland is a nightmare that refuses to break with a pinch in its body. This is more so because the Sangh’s own cadre is mighty peeved over the leadership in these states, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. Sangh head Mohan Bhagwat has been spending much time in these three states. In fact, after much fuming and fretting in Rajasthan, Bhagwat is said to have issued a diktat that the party has to be brought back to power, and if the cadre is cheesed off with the current leadership, it could be changed too. But the saffron fountainhead is being told that a worryingly large segment of its traditional voters have decided to push the “NOTA” button, or “No To All” in the EVM machines. It is said that they do not want to vote for any other party, but neither do they want to vote BJP, hence, NOTA. The cadre has been told now to activate supporters at the booth level against this NOTA wave. The worrying part is, thosewho have been asked to work on this are themselves with NOTA.

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