Rijiju’s Apology to Bose

August 06 2018

MP Sugata Bose is the grandson of freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bosel. He is highly educated and has been a professor of history at Harvard University.
In the recent last few days, as the Assam NCR case became the hot topic of debate in the Parliament, Sugata Bose also fired many questions towards the ruling party. The questions was so roasting that the Minister of State for Home, Kiren Rijiju – who was representing the government in the House – lost his cool.
Rijiju’s reply to Bose was such that the latter was taken aback for a while. But instead of extending the matter, he decided on quietly taking his seat. Rijiju’s reply was that people who are talking like this on NRC, they are anti-nationalists.
However, Rijiju pretty soon realised what he had said. As soon as the session ended, he straight went to Sugata and apologised that he didn’t intend to question his patriotism, rather he was carrying his party’s line on the matter of NRC.
Boss smiled. He knew that Rijiju was not in control of what he was saying.

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