Ram Mandir Rising Slogan

October 23 2018

Over the last four-and-half years one has not heard a whisper on the kettledrum issue of the Ram Mandir from either PM Modi, nor BJP boss Amit Shah, not even the RSS. But within a few months away from the 2019 general polls, RSS chief has raked up the issue not once but thrice within a month. UP CM Yogi Adityanath has also upped the ante, and the Sadhu Samaj has declared its decision to have the Mandir by December 6. The ruling BJP has a thorn in its flesh, though: how can it come up with an ordinance overruling the Supreme Court order on the issue? So news from Ashok Road is that the battle for the Mandir will now be engaged via the social media. So the Hindu-Muslim divide is being fanned up in the Hindi belt. The game plan is that the digital media war room in Delhi will have the controls in its hands, and its signals will be taken up by the social media teams in the states and they will bring this out right down to the booth levels in the state capitals. The saffron party’s determination is strong, its preparations well knight. The problem, though, is grave: of breaking up ties.

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