Ram Mandir: By Hook Or Crook!

March 18 2019

The 3-member committee appointed by the Supreme Court for mediation in Ayodhya land dispute case has left the temple vein of the RSS throbbing. Neither the formula of the committee nor the inclusion of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in it is making sense to the Sangh. The cuckoos coo that the Sangh is of the view that Sri Sri used his international influence and connections to ensure his inclusion in the committee.
The Sangh is also convinced that such mediation attempts will only make empty promises for the construction of the Ram Mandir, no solid conclusion will be drawn.
RSS is well-aware that Modi wanted a Supreme Court decision on the matter, else it is his last option to initiate the formulation of a law in the Parliament over it.
However, if sources are to be believed, Ram Mandir construction preparations are already underway in Ayodhya. Proper numerical sequences are being painted on the stones to be used in the construction. The map is already ready. All in all, regardless what the nation’s majority says, RSS and its associates will only rest after the construction of Ram Mandir there.

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