Rahul’s Shiv Bhakti Roots

November 20 2018

In the toss-and-turn of the current Indian politics marching towards the 2019 general polls, Rahul Gandhi’s sudden Shiv Bhakti (devotion), the Lords of the Saffron are taken aback, especially bit around the middle by his Kailash Manasarovar Yatra, which has frayed their Hindutva placard quite a few notches suitably. So is this just the ‘bought media’ propaganda about him playing soft Hindutva, or is there something firmer behind that?
But cuckoos in Tughlak Lane gardens coo that there is nothing immediately political in his move. In fact, it was after the terrible Kedarnath catastrophe in 2013, which deluge killed thousands when Rahul had visited the area, that he had indeed confided that he desired a visit to Manasarovar. It was since then that his spiritual propensities started manifesting themselves. Gandhi family insiders are well aware that grandmother Indira Gandhi was a distinctly devout Shiv worshipper. She had ordained that every member of the family would meditate on the Gayatri Mantra every morning and that every Hindu festival would be celebrated at home. In fact, she had appointed specified priests at home, and whenever she would visit a sacred site, she would open her purse wide in donations.
This Deepavali evening, Goddess Laxmi was worshipped at 10 Janpath and Sonia Gandhi had adorned Rahul personally with the teeka. Rahul’s spiritual spirit often takes a jump, just as he, during the last Gujarat polls, visited as many temples as possible.
Sources say that it the near future, Rahul will fire his salvo against the BJP saying there is no conflict between personal spiritual faith and secularism. Spiritualism is a personal thing, but secularism is torpedoed when religion crosses personal boundaries and is used by some either to come to power or to retain it at any cost.
This is the rise of the new Rahul, who realises that just emoting with Muslim sentiments is not enough, and it is important to cater to the majority Hindu norms.

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