Rahul’s near and dear ones at his dinner.

July 08 2019

While the party in power was busy with its full budget during government 2.0 Rahul Gandhi was busy devising strategies for future with his trusted MPs. Trusted sources inform that in line with this, some three days back Rahul had invited his special and trusted MPs over dinner at his New Delhi house. Young MP from Assam Gaurav Gogoi highlighted the views about a New congress while Tamil Nadu MP Jyotimani expressed concern that there was a time when Tamil Nadu was considered a strong bastion of the party and was now had to use clutches of DMK and such other parties. It is being said that Kerala MP Remya Haridas became emotional while speaking and said that they had come to politics after getting inspired from Rahul Gandhi and they found hopes only from Rahul and he was leaving. It is said that Rahul assured her that he was not going anywhere and that he had worked hard day and night for the party but he got stained due to many senior leaders. It should be told that Rahul indicated that the major and important decisions will now be taken by core committee and the responsibility of success and failure will be borne by the core committee only. He is also said to have indicated to his trusted MPs that whenever party won under his leadership, the credit was taken by senior leaders but in case of defeat, the blame was put on him.

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