Rahul Lashes TV Lackeys

October 30 2018

Of late Rahul Gandhi has decided to shed a part of his ‘gentleman’ image and take the media bull by the horns, and spoken directly to the editors of the top news channels. His contention is that if Congress reps invited to participate in political debates are simply not allowed to speak, why call them at all? Rahul also spanked them over the media getting ‘adopted’. He said that rather than functioning as independent journalists, these anchors are increasingly working as the mouth pieces of the ruling party. Rahul reminded the editors that anchors should stop face-saving for the government, for which the BJP sends its own spokespersons. Rahul also did not spare his own party’s spokespersons and said they have to aggressively put across their points. Rahul even told the editors that if they do not mend their ways, Congress will not hesitate to boycott these ‘bought’ channels. It is being said that some channels could be making some amends.

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