Rahul In Patna

February 04 2019

Almost after three decades, the Congress is looking forward to a mega rally in the Gandhi Maidan of Patna. The February 3 rally is to be addresses by Congress president Rahul Gandhi. With an eye on the Lok Sabha elections, the party is working on a war footing and plans a gathering of 2.5-3 lakh people.
Once upon a time Congress had as many as 27 MLAs in Bihar, a number which has come down to 20. So, the Congress has asked its each MLA to gather 5-10 thousand people from their end.
Another ray of hope is Rahul’s dear friend Tejashwi who is being expected to send in people from the back door. A target of 50,000 people has been set for Baahubali MLA Anant Singh as he is influential in Patna neighbourhoods like Munger, Barh, etc.

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