Rahul Eyeing Farm Votes

November 12 2018

Delhi is slated to host a massive farmers’ rally on November 30, and the venue requested for, Congress sources reveal, is the iconic political point of the Boat Club, which by a recent court order can be allowed to host rallies. Party estimates are that at least 1.5 lakh farmers will attend, and party president Rahul Gandhi will be the star speaker. Efforts are also being made to pull in other organizations allied to farmers. Information is that for the upcoming winter session of the Parliament, the Congress is readying a bill which will make it mandatory to be sent to jail such persons who purchase farm products below the Minimum Support Price. And so the curtains are slowly lifting over the outlines of Battleship 2019: the BJP is limping back to its unrealized Ram Mandir slogan, while the Congress is making inroads into the masses.

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