Rahul Excuses Himself

November 20 2018

“Usually reliable sources”, as the parlance goes in political journalism, say Rahul Gandhi has affirmed to his inner core that he is not in the hunt for the Prime Ministerial seat in the 2019 polls, rather than his sole ‘eye of the bird’ much in the Arjuna fashion, is ousting the BJP fro power, for which he is game for any grand alliance of opposition parties and accept any top opposition leader. The top names doing the rounds are Maratha powerhouse Sharad Pawar, closely followed by Chandrababu Naidu. Mayawati and Bengal stormy petrel Mamata Banerjee also figure but could be ‘also-rans’. Pawar seems to be the best networked. On the one hand, he is strident on the farmers’ issues, while on the other he is glove-in-sleeves with many corporates. Pawar is also ‘homely’ with Mamata, Naveen Patnaik, and even Akali scion Sukhbir Badal. Naidu is playing the consummate personage. In New Delhi, Mamata’s drone Derek O’Brien is phishing, and Maya has intensified her bonhomie with leaders of other parties.
The PARTY starts now!

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