“Rahiman Dhaaga Prem Ka…”

December 10 2018

The rebellion of Lalu’s angry young son Tej Pratap is taking new turns every day. Sources tell that Tej did have a word with his father post his walk-out from the house, but he has had zero conversation with his mother Rabri Devi.
Rabri is standing tall behind her daughter-in-law Aishwarya despite Tej’s divorce petition. She is firm that she wants her son back but not on the cost of her daughter-in-law.
Ever since Tej has left the house, he has been hotel hopping. In Lalu’s words, ‘Tej has the backing of his five-six ‘loafer’ friends’.
Lalu wants to curb Tej’s funding which is landing in his friends’ accounts to pay the bills of the hotels. Lalu has also traced Tej’s funder – a relative who is also in politics.
Anyhow, the entire family is trying to convince Tej but he is in no mood to change his decision.
Tej’s divorce application is to be taken up in the court on January 8. Amid all this, Tej took to Twitter in the recent past where he tried to express the pain he is experiencing through a Rahim doha: “Rahiman dhaaga prem ka mat todo chatkaay…”
‘Wife’ Aishwarya has yet not responded to this.

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