Priyanka surprised by Imran

September 08 2019

A few days ago, an important meeting of UP party leaders was held at the residence of former Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi. In this meeting, the Congress leader of Saharanpur, Imran Masood was speaking profoundly. Masood was hurt that the Congress could not openly protest against the issue of removal of Article 370 from Kashmir which made the 20 crore Muslim population of the country feel cheated. Muslims are also sad that the Congress could not stand firmly with them. On this, Acharya Pramod Krishna said to Masood that “I agree with your views that we should stand against ideology by going against the thinking of the country, but then we Congressmen should give up the greed of power, at least for the next 25 years as we are not going to come to power.” On this matter, all the Congress leaders present at the meeting busted in laughter. At this, Masood turned to Priyanka and said, “I had another request, at least you should not keep non-political advisers with you otherwise you have already seen Rahul ji’s fate.” On this, Priyanka’s face turned red and she said, “Tell me, who you are pointing at?” Masood replied that I will meet you personally after this meeting. Priyanka again gave Masood the instruction that he should only talk about political matters instead of personal. The meeting ended, but Imran’s words would be still piercing like a nail in Priyanka’s ears.

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