PK — Successor to Nitish?

October 08 2018

Nitish Kumar is well aware of BJP’s nefarious plans, and is already in the middle of working out his poll strategy for 2019. India’s best political events manager PK, or Prashant Kishor, a Brahmin by caste, is fast emerging in the Kurmi leader’s mind as his true successor. Whispers in the corridors of politics in Patna are that this is why Kishor dropped all his work and rushed to Patna to work for Nitish. To start with, PK met Lalu Prasad, asking for RJD’s support for Nitish, with more than a loud hint that in the next state assembly, Nitish would not oppose Lalu’s son Tejashwi as the CM. But Lalu realised the folly of falling into the old trap of feeding ambition, and turned down PK’s offer, saying, now all major decisions in RJD are taken by Tejashwi, and he will never agree to extend support to Nitish a second time. The matter ended there. But PK is the name of ‘never say die’ so he raked up his old acquaintance with Congress chief Rahul Gandhi and fixed up a meeting with him. He now pulled a new rabbit from his political hat and told Rahul that Nitish is quite cool about merging his JDU into the Congress, provided Rahul assures him that Nitish would be the party’s CM Face in the next poll campaign. PK also said that if the JDU merges into Congress, then after decades, the Grand Old Party could see more than 100 of its MLAs take seat in the assembly. A much excited Rahul immediately called up Tejashwi and discussed PK’s formula, but the Lalu scion rudely rejected it. Now, with the RCP Gang threatening imminent revolt, Nitish is in a bind… the landscape ahead seems a tough one!

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