Piyush Drubbing Ambani

November 20 2018

In the ruling dispensation, if Piyush Goyal, Modi-Shah’s blue-eyed boy, gets after your short and curly, you are not getting out of that easily, and such seems to be the case with Anil ‘Rafale’ Ambani. PM Modi’s unease over the Rafale issue can well be understood, with the Congress and its president Rahul Gandhi not only pinning Ambani drown on the issue, but also bent on dragging Modi into the mire. Possibly it is Goyal’s displeasure that Ambani could bag no favours for his power company with Goyal in the ministerial seat. Goyal has taken shelter behind a so-called prime ministerial diktat that no company should be favoured out of the way, but the real story goes back a long way. Years ago, Piyush Goyal’s father, Ved Prakash Goyal, had been a minister in the government of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. It was then that Anil and Ved Prakash happened to meet a wedding ceremony. The minister in all decency greeted Anil and went forward to embrace him. But Anil simply ignored him and passed ahead. So then, Piyush Goyal is now making Anil lick the dust after so many years.

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