Patra Past Patronisation

November 20 2018

Sambit Patra’s ‘achhe din’ seem to be facing the curtains. The saffron media marauder, the apple of the eye of both Modi and Shah till not so long ago, seems to have been losing his Midas touch with the two bosses. The bosses were once extremely fond of his handling of TV debates. But now there is a volte-face that the kind of unseemly over-dramatisation and course choice of language that Patra has been indulging in is sullying the image of the BJP. Ashok Road bees hum that the party has suitably warned him against his choice of words and his theatrics and asked him to return to some level of being ‘dignified’. So, he seems to have lost out the sure chance of warming a seat in Rajya Sabha, and he has been told to ready to hit the dirt and grime of fighting a Lok Sabha seat from Odisha.

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