Parmeshwar’s Victory

May 27 2018

Rahul’s tete-a-tete with Shivakumar did not go amiss so far as Parmeshwar is concerned. He panicked and fell back on his long-time confidante; Roshan Baig. The latter suddenly summoned a press conference and declared that Muslims have been the strongest vote bank in getting the Congress to the position it is in Karnataka, so the deputy CM must a Muslim leader, and if not, the post ought to go only to a Dalit (read Parmeshwar). Immediately thereafter, Lingayat leader MY Patil held his own media meet and demanded that the position must go to some leader from among the Dalit groups which voted for the Congress, and he even named Davangere MLA Shivrappa as his choice. A troubled Rahul summoned his trusted lieutenant Venugopal and asked him to assure Shivakumar that instead of Parmeshwar, he would be made the state party boss and given an important portfolio in the Karnataka government. Apparently, Shivakumar has agreed for the moment, but BJP is on the kill to get him.

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