Odisha’s Super CM

August 06 2018

While on the subject of Naveen Patnaik, why not chatter about the ‘super=CM’ of Odisha, Patnaik’s very own private secretary, V Karthikeyan Pandiyan a 2000 batch Odisha IAS officer. Though he himself is from Tamil Nadu, his wife is an Odiya lady. Such is his clutch that it is said he is more powerful than even the Cabinet Secretary of the state, and he is second most powerful after Patnaik himself. He lords over the state from his office on the third floor of the state secretariat and, prattle insiders, even top officials find it tough to get to grace his audience. At one time he was District Magistrate of Ganjam, in Hijli, Patnaik’s constituency and the most backward are of the state. A tenacious Karthikeyan turned it around into the Best District of the state and since then, he has the eyes and ears of the CM. Due to his failing health, Patnaik leaves office by 6 pm and enjoys hearing music at home. But Karthikeyan keeps the state in order from his third floor office, at the same time shattering his foes. Such is his halo that when Karthikeyan clashed with Patnaik’s favourite, Jay Panda, member of parliament, the CM still kept the Lord of the Third Floor as against Panda.

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