NSG takes a swipe

November 12 2018

The security personnel deployed to keep VIPs out of harm’s way gripe that even on Diwali, they cannot spend their time with their own families. Many of the VIPs have made it a practice to send such personnel packets of sweets; some give them gift; and some have even organized lunches for them. Now, however, the home ministry has issued a new order. Earlier, the personnel at each VIP homes were required to send a list of the persons who the VIP meets every day. But the new order says that from now on, they also have to give a detailed report of such movements, adding to the woes of the security officials. But every dog has a day. To vent their anger, now, the police at the homes of the most important lady politician say that let alone sweets, they are not even being served tea at this VIP home. It so happens that this lady is in the habit of going out with her husband for late night parties, only to return around 2 or 3 am. So, the police are giving all details of her movement. Well, well… this is critical intelligence for the BJP government, especially on the verge of 2019 elections.

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