No one messes with Sonia, or else…

December 20 2018

The opportunity of becoming the convener of the UPA slipped from Chandrababu Naidu’s hands at the last moment this time. News-whisperers at 24 Akbar Road say that Rahul Gandhi had in a way promised Naidu that the announcement will be made in the December 10 meet of the opposition parties, but at the last moment Sonia Gandhi’s displeasure towards Babu dashed the plan.
The sources narrate the story as follows… Prior to the five-state assembly elections, Sonia’s first rally was convened in Telangana where she wanted the chiefs of the four parties against TRS to participate in her rally. Since Chandrababu’s TDP was among the four parties, Sonia wanted him to share the stage with her in the rally. But Naidu refused to share the stage with Sonia saying that he can only share a stage with Rahul as he is the president of the Congress party.
This did not go down well with Sonia, a result of which was reflected in the December 10 meet.

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