No Face Value in TN

February 25 2019

Probably in a first of its kind, Tamil Nadu is gearing up for such a state assembly election where faces no more hold any value. After the demise of highly popular Jayalalithaa and Karunanidhi, no face has been able to attain such prominence. Karunanidhi’s son Stalin is popular with party workers but his popularity is nowhere near his father’s in the public.
So, all small-big parties are prepping to play the caste-card instead. In the BJP-AIADMK alliance, PMK has snatched away 7 seats after increasing its demands – earlier it was to be given only 3 seats.
If sources are to be believed, BJP is betting on Brahmin vote-bank of the state. The party is also eyeing the Hindu Nadars. AIADMK is receiving a lot of support of the Thevar from western regions. PMK has a good influence over northern region, a good hold on the Vanniyar vote bank. Dinakaran too has an influence over the Thevar caste, and has a long list of supporters in Madurai. PMK enjoys a prominent face in Ramadoss.
All in all, the Tamil Nadu politics has gotten real interesting.

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