Nitish Chasing Two Rabbits

March 03 2019

Nitish Kumar is having the best of both worlds with the help of his poll-strategist and close confidante Prashant Kishor. While he is enjoying power in his arrangement with the BJP, he has left a window of opportunity on the Grand Alliance’s side. Whether he will stand by the BJP in the state assembly polls will be decided after the Lok Sabha results.
On one side, he never misses a chance to praise Modi, on the other via Prashant Kishor he is trying to maintain an anti-BJP image as well.
For instance, here is what Prashant Kishor tweeted post Surgical Strike 2.0: “#SayNoToWar is not cowardice. The father of the nation was opposed to any war and he certainly was no coward. In fact he was one of the bravest that humanity has ever seen. Social media jingoism and mindless warmongering should not be mistaken for bravery!!”

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