Niti-s of Raajniti

October 08 2018

Politics is a chimera. On front screen, what seems to be happening never really happens. And what is happening behind the screen is an intriguing gameplay.
Take Nitish Kumar and his upcoming political quicksand stretches. Right now, the top BJP leadership is whipping up praise for him. But it is also a chimeric reality that the BJP may soon desert this Bihar alliance with Nitish’s JDU. The BJP’s real intent is to desert the alliance, so that the state sinks into president’s rule and the polls to Bihar assembly are held simultaneously with the general elections. BJP, of course, will go with its previous ‘first loves’: Ram Vilas Paswan and Upendra Kushwaha. Because the issue of seat sharing with JDU will never end, BJP bosses have bitterly realised. Ashok Road sources tell us that during the last meeting between Upendra and BJP boss Amit Shah, the latter cautioned Kushwaha to be patient. He was also told him not to be in a hurry to gang up with Lalu Prasad. But Upendra’s real bone in the flesh now is Nitish. The latter has already established himself as the sole champion of the lower caste Kurmis, Koeris and Dhanukas. But now he has turned his eyes to capture the leadership of the Kushwaha community. Just a few days ago, Nitish had invited top Kushwaha leaders to his home, and this is bugging Upendra Kushwaha, that Nitish is gobbling his caste vote bank.

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