New Front: Vidarbha

July 23 2018

Will Vidarbha slated to become India’s newest state soon? The way some buildings are being readied, it seems the dream will come true, for it is being said that the now under construction buildings will house the ‘state’s secretariat. Guesstimates are that the Centre will announce this just ahead of the Maharashtra state Assembly polls in 2020. It may be recalled that till 1985, there was a Vidarbha Committee in the Congress, though it was disbanded later. It is known that top Vidarbha leaders such as W Awari, M Rao Gohate, Naresh Puglia, Anees Ahmad, Tanaji Banawe, Shivaji Rao Moghe and others had recently met Congress president Rahul Gandhi. One learns that they have warned Rahul that if the party does not prepare for Vidarbha as a state from now itself, then their fate will be the same as in Telangana. Rahul has taken this seriously and asked his most trusted lieutenant Ashok Gehlot to prepare a firm agenda for Vidarbha, so that Congress flag is aflutter whenever Vidarbha happens.

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