MP Satrap The First Challenger To Modi-Shah?

December 10 2018

The high ambitions of the saffron clan seem to have caught the evil eye – the exit polls of the five-state assembly elections being an indication that the results may be bitter for the BJP. The predictions are of a Congress sweep in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Mizoram, while a photo finish in Madhya Pradesh.
After hectic campaigning in MP, the saffron satrap Shivraj Singh Chouhan left for Bandhavgarh on a three-day vacay but post the cut-throat exit poll he steered the holiday towards Ma Pitambara Devi aka the ‘Raj Satta Devi’ (believed as the saviour of politicians in distress).
Shivraj, who is known strategising his tactics with political sparks, has kept a firm note of the fact that if Congress unseats him in this election, then what will be his answer. According to sources, prior to the polls, Chauhan had conducted a comprehensive opinion poll of his state through a private agency. Estimates of the survey showed that 64 per cent of the people of the state are angry with the Central Government while only 36 per cent are upset from the State’s.
The cuckoos coo that if the results of Madhya Pradesh do not conform to the BJP’s expectations, then Shivraj is ready to blame it all on the Centre’s policies. Meaning thereby, the Modi-Shah duo will be facing the first insurgency from the Madhya Pradesh’s satrap.
In any case, Modi’s participation in Madhya Pradesh rallies was minimal and low-key. In fact, towards the last phase of the campaigning, Modi’s face had also disappeared from the posters and pamphlets.

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