Modi’s Media Management

June 18 2018

In 2014, it became evident that Narendra Modi is a keen player on the social media and digital platform and perhaps there is no challenge to him. Anyway, his original social media team is still highly active, and many of those who had been part of the original baggage are still there. They are functioning out of the various ministries, unseen as a cluster, with sniper efficiency. As if that were not enough, Team Modi is now spreading out the nectar to catch the media bees, and it is learnt that many top journalists are being enrolled as part of the War Room at monthly demurrages as high as Rs three lakh, and that too, in cash. The scribes re required to deflect all missiles from the Opposition, prepare hard hitting answers to bruising questions, shape up new strategies, so that Brand Modi shines in 2019 with as much as lustre as in 2014.

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