Modi’s Hubris: 2019

October 08 2018

The hot talks on the streets and in social media about the doubtful outcome of the 2019 general elections notwithstanding, PM Narendra Modi in his amour-propre is sure of his victory. This was perhaps clearly reflected during a video conferencing meeting Modi had convened with the secretaries of the central ministries and the chief secretaries all the states. During the meeting, it emerged that many secretaries were very casual in their responses. This was unthinkable in the Modi regime, where Modi in an authoritative manner would often fume and shake during meetings. But faced with a change in the script, Modi went on a rage, asking: “Will you behave in the same manner after we come back winning the 2019 polls, or will you change yourselves, or be prepared to be changed!” In the pall of silence that fell over the conference, only PM’s speaking was very self-confident.

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