Modi Burying Hatchets

March 18 2019

Time spares none. It can make even bigwigs like Modi change their strategies. Otherwise there was a time when Modi was at loggerheads with Gordhan Zadafia. But with changing times hatchets were buried and Modi assigned Zadafia the co-in-charge of Hindi heartland and politically crucial state Uttar Pradesh.
Zadafia reminded Modi that he is not the one to listen to anyone but instead a sass master. Needless to mention it was an indication towards BJP’s ‘Chanakya’ Amit Shah. Modi then assured Zadafia of free-hand in UP and that he will have to directly report him.
After this Zadafia started pulling his A-Game in UP and first and foremost roped in Apna Dal. After adjusting their people in UP corporations he convinced an upset Anupriya Patel for two seats. Anupriya is unsure of Mirzapur so she wanted to make a switch to Fatehpur. However, that didn’t work out.
Another interesting reunion Modi has had of late is with Sanjay Joshi. And so this long-time Gujarat BJP member has put his head in the game in the state to bag victory here for the party.
However, it’s a negative for Ram Madhav with whom Modi is still angry over all the Jammu and Kashmir goof-up. He has been spared of any electoral responsibilities as of now.

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