Mission Redefinition of legislative councils

September 13 2018

Venkaiah Naidu is aiming to emerge as the pioneer of a new politics. He has expressed to some of his confidantes that he wishes to bring in reforms in the policies of legislative councils elections.
Venkaiah is the Vice President of the nation and so is the Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha. He feels that it has become a common presumption that the Rajya Sabha and the legislative councils have dilapidated and turned into rehabilitation centres for those who are unable to win any elections.
The presumptions pain Venkaiah as he himself holds a very lousy record when it comes to trumping elections. And so enters the mission and vision of breaking the ‘misconception’.
Venkaiah is discussing his vision with parties other than BJP as well. He has even constituted a committee to give suggestions for bringing changes in the rule-book of Rajya.
At present, legislative councils have their existence in mere seven out of the 29 states in the nation. Venkaiah is busy re-defining this existence.

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