Mayawati’s Shock for Didi

October 16 2018

But the surprise of the week is the telecom between BSP’s Mayawati and Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee. Didi was full of praise for Maya for showing the arrogant Congress the door. Mayawati on her part said: “People say the Congress is large hearted and so is Rahul. However, she told Didi, the Congress wants a grand alliance in states where it does not exist at all. And in states where it has a presence, it is giving alliance partners a shabby deal. Mayawati said she had proposed alliances in six states, but there is silence on that. Instead, the Congress wants an alliance only in UP. Didi, not to be left behind, told her that the Congress will be routed in Bengal. The uncle-niece duo will wipe it out of Malda; and Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury is likely to join the BJP, so what will be left of the Congress? But Didi was stumped when Mayawati confided that it is written in her fate to be the PM in 2019, so maybe she will become that with the help of the BJP!

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