Mayawati’s Saffron Plans

March 30 2019

Mayawati is distressed these days. Modi government’s policies are forcing her to change her political strategies. Her former secretary Netram is under the radar of investigative agencies. The Income Tax Department has attached assets worth over Rs 200 crore from him alone. The BSP supremo’s brother is also under the scanner of the ED which is only worsening the situation for Maya.
Probably this is why Mayawati took the major decision of no-alliance with Congress and that no seat-share will happen between the two parties. It is said when Mayawati told Akhilesh that there will be no seat-share with the Congress and that they will field their own contenders from Amethi and Raebareli as well, the SP chief requested her to give at leat 15 days time and that things will get better with time. But Maya dismissed his request.
As soon as Maya declared no-alliance with Congress, the party cadre immediately took it as an indirect message that post the LS election result, she may join hands with BJP. Anyhoo the BSP cadre has seen a rise in the popularity o Modi amongst them. They are of the view that at least in the Modi government whatever the upper castes have is now available to them as well – like electricity, toilets, etc.
Mayawati has displayed her political wit in the BSP-SP alliance by giving all the urban seats, which are BJP’s strongholds, to SP.

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