Mayawati’s Elephantine Anger

March 13 2019

Even though the SP-BSP alliance has taken a shape in UP, but Akhilesh is still at disagreement with many decisions of Mayawati. To be precise, Akhilesh is not too convinced with the candidates being fielded by Mayawati in Farrukhabad, Ghosi and Basti.
In this regard, Akhilesh dared to dial Mayawati. He told her that these candidates are very weak and will cost them these seats. According to sources, on hearing this Mayawati got furious and told off Akhilesh that why don’t he himself distribute both SP and BSP’s tickets, because apparently he knows her party better than her.
After this the matter could be resolved only after Satish Mishra’s intervention.
Anyway, when Mayawati gives ticket to someone she bullishes it is not a ticket but in fact Lok Sabha that she is handing them over.

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