Maya’s About Turn

June 25 2018

Bahujan Samaj Party boss Mayawati is suddenly turning her back on the Opposition unity. She has now shocked the allies by saying that BSP will not just go it alone in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly polls, but contest all the seats. Clearly, she will readily fetch BJP’s support. Scuttlebutt is that May had met Sonia Gandhi and demanded that BSP be given at least 25 seats in the coming Lok Sabha contest in 2019. She had offered that in lieu of that Congress contest in 10 seats in UP. Of the 25 seats she demanded, six would be from Madhya Pradesh, two from Gujarat, three from Maharashtra, Karnataka two, Rajasthan three and one seat each from Delhi and Chhattisgarh. But the Congress thinking was that BSP has little presence outside UP, so if it loses these 25 seats, that would be a boost to BJP. The Congress then asked Mayawati for some time to consider and then asked veteran war horse Kamal Nath to deal with her.

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