Mauritius Move

November 05 2018

This columnist had already told readers that the date for this year’s NRI Meet had been rescheduled from the usually fixed January 9 to January 21. And this year the venue will be PM Modi’s Lok Sabha constituency Varanasi. The normative schedule of January 9 had originally been meant to mark the return of Mahatma Gandhi to India from South Africa. Now apparently this year’s event is sought to be linked also to the Kumbh Mela in Allahabad (Prayag). Parallelly, with the resounding humiliation of US president Donald Trump’s ‘No’ to become the chief guest at next year’s Republic Day Parade, the Modi admin had been on the lookout for a replacement. Now, it appears, Bihar deputy CM Sushil Modi had been dispatched Mauritius recently with a crucial missive for Mauritius premier Pravindra Jagannath to attend NRI celebrations. So it seems a giant Trump has been replaced with a midget to become the Republic Day chief guest.

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