Manish Tiwari’s All-Out Effort

April 29 2019

Long-time Congressman Manish Tiwari had to make an all-out effort to grab a party ticket for the Lok Sabha elections 2019. According to sources, Tiwari’s first choice was Chandigarh, but veteran Congressi Pawan Bansal already has a strong hold of the party unit here.
Tiwari had his eyes on Chandigarh for years now. He even gathered a small team of few trusted ones but he failed against politics master Bansal. It is said Bansal very cleverly showed the way out to those people.
Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh is at close terms with Tiwari, so he identified a new seat for him – Anandpur Sahib. But Rahul Gandhi wanted him to contest from Sangrur, which was not acceptable for Captain.
Then Tiwari approached Sam Pitroda for him to convince Rahul. Venugopal, who is said to be real close to Rahul and is the one who brought him to Wayanad, too spoke to the Congress president. Tiwari and Venugopal, both, began as student politicians and have remained friends since.
When nothing worked, Tiwari approached Sonia Gandhi with high hopes. But Sonia, instead of speaking to Rahul directly, asked former PM Manmohan Singh for the task with the warning that ‘we need Manish in Parliament’.
Meanwhile, a meeting of the party’s election committee took place where Venugopal presented the dossier of Anandpur Sahib infront of Rahul. State Congress chief Sunil Jakhar, who too was seeking a tickt from Anandpur Sahib, had played an important role in the preparation of the dossier. In this dossier, Jakhar allegedly had it written that 65 per cent of the seats in this constituency were Sikh voters, while in fact it was the figure of Hindu voters. Rahul sensd the notion and, although delayed, but Tiwari’s name got a go ahead by Rahul from here.

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