Mamata’s Rahul Ire

May 27 2018

Mamata Banerjee is mighty upset with Rahul Gandhi, so much so that she does not even speak to him these days. Just like Mamata, who makes an issue out of an ant. Last week, when she reached Bengaluru to attend the grand opposition show during the swearing-in ceremony of JDS leader Kumaraswami, she got trapped in a traffic jam and was forced to walk about 500 metres after getting down from her car to reach the dais. This is because the SPG had stopped traffic to ensure the safety of Z-category Congress leaders, Rahul and mother Sonia. This had so angered Mamata that during the entire meeting, she just even look at him. The issue reached a point that former Prime Minister Deve Gowda pleaded with Didi folded hands. She spoke loudly, obviously to get to Rahul’s ears, telling Deve Gowda: “The time has come for the Federal Front. Time is up for these big parties which cannot even save their governments in the states. But when CPI’s D Raja went to check out on Rahul on this fracas, he smiled and said: “You know I have no ambitions of becoming the PM, but if any opposition leader thinks she or he can become the PM without my support, they are in a fool’s paradise.

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