Mamata’s New Tollywood Army

February 25 2019

Churning Tollywood stars power for political profits is an art one should learn from Mamata Banerjee. In the past few elections, they have been her master stroke. They were fielded in large numbers and many of them won and started making a name in politics in Kolkata and Delhi.
Bengali films Superstar Dev has this time expressed his unwillingness to contest the polls. He did win the previous election with ease but living up to the expectation of the people as an MP was no easy task for him.
Now this comes at a time when the BJP is gearing up to contest the elections with many Tollywood stars by its side. So, Didi too has decided to place her bet on many new faces.
Of the many names on Mamata’s fresh list, Bengali beauty Nusrat Jahan is said to be one of them. Nusrat is also said to be close to Didi’s MP-nephew Abhishek Banerjee. Apart from Nusrat, Mamata may also bet on June Malia and Soham Chakraborty. Indrani Haldar’s name is also a topic of discussion.
Sources close to TMC tell that Mamata has almost made her mind to contest Nusrat and June.
On the other hand, while Trinamool Youth Congress vice president Soham Chakraborty bombed in the 2016 Lok Sabha polls when he contested from Bankura, this time he will be fielded from the parliamentary seat of Deepak Adhikari aka Dev.

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