Mamata’s Brainstorming

June 04 2019

Recently a victim of the saffron casualty, Mamata Banerjee now wants to live attached with ground reality. A few days back she held a discussion with the TMC leaders over the party’s downfalling graph and rise of BJP in West Bengal. Three main points were jotted down after this discussion, in which, first being communal polarisation. For this Mamata suggested that Bengali pride be brought to the front, i.e. for each chant of ‘Jai Shree Ram’ the counter should be ‘Jai Bangla’. The second point was a first time realisation for Mamata, i.e the hooliganism of the TMC workers. She admitted that CPM’s hooligans have joined her party. So she said that extortion should be stopped immediately. This is the reason why party has come down to this today. She even clarified it to the police and administration that they can deal with these hooligans in the manner they want, she won’t intervene. Third point was that the state government has failed in making the public notice its good works. For this, the cadre should help her. Didi’s thoughts are great, but a little too late, especially when the party has almost sunk.

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