Lull in Lalu Home

October 16 2018

The lull before the storm is all over the Lalu Yadav, with both elder Tej Pratap and sibling Tejashwi each sticking to their own ambitions. One night during a family dinner, the owls’ hoot, when Lalu was absent, Tej criticized Tejashwi: “What is the fun in running with the Congress if it has only a handful of seats to itself?” Besides, Tej also expressed his opinion about Jharkhand. To this, Tejashwi, as is his wont, screamed at the elder: “Just try to stick to your small brain which God has given you. Our leader is in jail, and you are not the party’s think tank!” But Tejashwi, people say, had forgotten that Tej now has the added benefit of his wife Aishwarya Rai. Late that night, Rai gave a new mantra to hubby Tej: “See, you are the real heir to the throne of the Yadav empire. What is Tejashwi but just a poster boy.” With such an inspiration in his reportedly inebriated mind, Tej knocked on his brother’s bedroom door. When the door opened, he apparently put his unlicensed gun to Tejashwi’s chest. And it took quite a doing to get the threat off. The next morning, Tejashwi rushed to meet his father in jail and said: “Now you decide who is to take your legacy forward!” And though Lalu is very fond of Tej, the wily old horse knew the answer to that question. So he called up Tej right then and slammed him. Such is the tension that the incident slipped out of Lalu’s daughter Misa, who later immediately changed tack and assured the media that there is no tension in the family. But then, do such statements have credence in politics?

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