Lotus will bloom in Andhra

July 01 2019

Although BJP may not have won even a single seat in the elections in Andhra, but the story of return of the saffron party in Andhra has already been written. Soon, BJP might come into prominence as the main opposition party. BJP and Jagan are of the same opinion that Chandrababu and TDP should be removed from Andhra and Jagan has made up his mind to support the BJP on this issue. Excited over the inclusion of four out of the six Rajya Sabha MPs of the TDP, the BJP is now trying to rope in twenty three legislators of the TDP. Sources reveal that sixteen legislators are in BJP’s contact and it is being said that thirteen of these legislators have also given their approval to join the BJP. If this happens the BJP can come out as the main opposition leader in the Andhra Pradesh assembly. The onus of developing the ground for BJP is on the shoulders of RSS thinker Sunil Deodhar who has already removed Manik Sarkar from the government in Tripura. Moreover, Deodhar’s work is easy this time around since the Congress has not been able to open its account in the election this time. The BJP is already pressurizing Jagan to open files related to Chandrababu’s alleged scams and this idea is suiting Jagan also as Jagan’s war with Chandrababu is well known. Once Chandrababu is gone, it will be easier for BJP to take on Jagan.

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