Look Who’s in Jaitley’s Room

August 13 2018

About three months after his kidney transplant, when Jaitley reached the Parliament amid the election of the Rajya Sabha Deputy Speaker, as a Rajya Sabha leader, his steps turned towards his office there. But on reaching the room, to his surprise, the room is currently occupied by party head Amit Shah.
Shah and Jaitley have a long standing friendship. Shah is fond of Jaitley. Perhaps why he found a liking for his chamber, too.
Till the times Jaitley was away from his duties due to his health issues, Shah thought that his vacant room should be put to some or the other use. So Shah utilised the room as his mingling space with MPs and ministers. He in fact also did his lunch here.
Looks like, this room has become not only a part of his menu, but also his habits.

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