Lalu’s Woes

August 27 2018

Political magician Lalu Prasad is of late seen upset on many fronts. First, his health is not giving him a respite. Besides, the strife within the family is raging. Third, the CBI has framed him, wife Rabri and son Tejashwi in the IRCTC fund embezzlement case. Barely had he succeeded in patching up sons Tej Pratap and Tejashwi when his daughter Rohini Acharya’s nascent political aspirations has again put the family in trouble. Lalu and Rabri had apparently decided that Rohini would contest the parliamentary polls from Pataliputra seat, and Rabri would contest from Saran. When younger son Tejashwi got wind of this, he was enraged and went and told Lalu that BJP would take advantage of this very fact, as “Lalu’s family rule”. He said: “We brothers are MLAs; sister Misa is a Rajya Sabha MP; mom will contest from Saran, so why do you bring in Rohini into politics?” Lalu reportedly calmed down Tejashwi, his favourite son and said to be his political successor. He told the son that both Pataliputra and Saran have been the family’s seats and explained why they must remain with the family. But will his Chanakya politics get into the head of the son, or will the latter still advocate the politics of changed times?

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