Karnataka Cramps

September 18 2018

Thunders of change are rumbling over the heads of the newly elected HD Kumaraswamy government in Karnataka. The strained relations between Kumaraswamy and former chief minister Siddaramaiah is fanning the flames. Insiders say that Kumaraswamy does not care a fig for any advice from Siddaramaiah in the affairs of the state. He refuses to be a sycophant of the state unit of the Congress in running the government. Instead, he keeps flying off to Delhi to discuss matters directly with Congress president Rahul Gandhi. This has enraged Siddaramaiah so much that he has taken off for a 10-day Europe visit with four or five of his favourite MLAs. Sources confide also that Kumaraswamy is also at loggerheads with the irrigation minister DK Shivakumar, who is close to Congress strongman Ahmed Patel. Naturally, Shivakumar is fueling the renegade Congress faction. Waiting on the wings, the BJP is smacking its lips, and if this is how things will go on, for sure the state will see fresh polls along with the general elections in 2019.

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