Kamal Nath Fails

June 25 2018

It is learnt that Congress veteran recently met BSP supremo Mayawati at her residence. First, Kamal Nath tried to create an informal atmosphere by addressing her as Maya and Mayawati, which mightily peeved the egotistic lady. Then Kamal Nath gave her a rude shock by stating that the Congress was willing to give BSP 14 seats in the coming Madhya Pradesh polls, whereas Mayawati’s demand had been as many as 50 seats. However, Mayawati still persisted and asked how many seats the Congress would give BSP in the 2019 general elections. But an evasive Kamal Nath said: “Ah, that you can discuss with Rahulji.” It is learnt that this finally triggered off Mayawati’s decision to contest all seats in Madhya Pradesh breaking the recent opposition honeymoon.

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