Kalraj’s concern – ‘upper-caste’

September 13 2018

BJP’s veteran Hindi-belt leader Kalraj Mishra is believed to be upset with the party’s high-command. The bees around him buzz that when Kalraj was ‘retired’ from his Union minister post, he was then promised that he would be crowned as the Governor of a major state.
So when Jammu & Kashmir’s NN Vohra was removed this post, Kalraj was positive that it would land in his pocket. But to his discontent, former Governor of Bihar and Amit Shah’s close aide Satya Pal Malik was instead announced the new Governor of J&K.
Angry with the changing colours of saffron promises, Kalraj recently convened a meeting of about 18 Brahmin legislators in Lucknow, where he poured his hurt heart out against the leadership.
If word of mouth is to believed, Kalraj said the general castes are being side-lined in today’s politics and urged these ‘upper-caste’ MLAs to do something about this as soon as possible. Then he sung the same tune in Deoria too.
Not only Kalraj, the ‘upper-castes’ are now a topic of ‘concern’ for Raghuraj Pratap Singh aka Raja Bhaiya also. He is said to be bringing together the generals to give shape to a big movement.

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