Kairana: Battle Royale

May 27 2018

Having faced humiliation in Karnataka, the BJP is now being utterly careful in the coming major showdown in Uttar Pradesh’s Kairana. While the party mandarins have carefully stayed away from direct involvement, but it has issued strict orders to the lower echelons to spare nothing in the constituency. Three booths have been set up as a Sector, and the entire constituency has been divided into 145 Sectors, with as many heads. The high command has told this core group to stay put in Kairana till May 28, the poll date. Sunil Bansal is leading the charge, with about 20 MLAs and a dozen ministers at his command. CM Yogi Adityanath is in high demand here. A few days ago, Ramlal and Shiva Prakash too had surveyed Kairana and given their feedback to the bosses. But despite such meticulous preparations by BJP, the spirit of the united opposition seems to be still up in the air. One is reminded of poet Munawwar Rana: “It may be that God lives in a huge mansion in the heaven but on earth his home in the hearts of the poor!”

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