Jyotiraditya checkmated

December 20 2018

Sachin Pilot at least got to satisfy himself as the Deputy CM of Rajasthan. Jyotiraditya Scindia did not even get this chance in Madhya Pradesh as Kamal Nath swept the ground there.
Sources reveal that in the state assembly polls, Jyotiraditya had distributed tickets to 29 of his special ones in Madhya Pradesh, but only 14 of them could win. So in Rahul’s court, the voices of the MLAs in favour of Scindia went down.
At the same time, most of the veteran Congressmen in Madhya Pradesh had formed a front against Jyotiraditya. Kamal Nath got support from the likes of Digvijay Singh, Ajay Singh and Kantilal Bhuria.
It is said, Kamal Nath has conspired to put forth his son Jaivardhan’s name to edge out Jyotiraditya so that in the coming days the age factor would not block his path to power.

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