J&K And A Hindu CM

September 03 2018

The political mood of Jammu and Kashmir is said to be changing. It is alleged that prior to September 15, efforts to form a new government there may shape up.
If sources are to be believed, then the initiative is being taken to create a front of leaders drawn out or sacked from PDP and National Conference. Sajjad Lone is busy cementing the base of this front.
It is believed that this Front could join hands with BJP to form the government in Jammu and Kashmir.
In this case, the only problem that comes to light is that Loane wants to become the Chief Minister, but the BJP is said to be wanting to settle his desires on the deputy CM chair.

The BJP wants that a leader like Nirmal Singh or Kevinder Gupta be given the privilege of becoming the CM, so that from here the message can go forward that for the first time in Jammu and Kashmir a non-Muslim government has been formed under the leadership of the BJP.

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