JDU towards possible ruckus

August 17 2019

Everything is not going smooth in Nitish Kumar’s JDU. Like Congress, the voices of discontent are emerging against the top leadership. The latest case is about the scrapping of Article 370 from Kashmir; Nitish Kumar’s close aid and Rajya Sabha MP RCP Singh was earlier seen standing by the said of his leader on this issue. But for the last few days, he seems to have taken a U-turn and is now supporting the removal of the Article 370. While Nitish’s other Rajya Sabha MP KC Tyagi and Lok Sabha MP Lallan Singh are waking up to protest against the removal of Article 370. If sources are to be believed, Prashant Kishore is being told to be behind this changed attitude of RCP. PK and RCP have always had a tussle between them. PK is still said to have good relations with PM Modi. These days a big change can be seen in the relationship between RCP and PK – it is getting a bit sweeter. Sources say, it was PK who got the PM to talk to RCP which led to the change of the stand of the RCP on Article 370. It is said that Shah had already entrusted the task of managing Rajya Sabha MPs to Piyush Goyal and Bhupendra Yadav; both were already working towards it. The proximity of JDU MP and Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Harivansh with the BJP is not hidden, so Nitish has decided that this time he will not send Harivansh again to Rajya Sabha.

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