Janta Funding!

September 24 2018

The opposition parties are sparing no chance of accusing the ruling BJP of massing huge funds, and it quite true that the party’s coffers have been brimming over in the past few years. The corporate and other moneybags have opened their purse strings for the party. However, the bees in Ashok Road garden say that the party has set out such a massive budget for the 2019 polls, that what it has is still not enough! This is why the PM’s Namo app has been tweaked to make it possible for the party to request donations from the public. The denominations can range from Rs 5 to Rs 1,000. There was a time when the veteran Haryana politico Devilal had coined the slogan of ‘One note, one vote’. And since Monday, Namo’s app has gone into working mode.

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