Jairam’s Bookish Effort

June 25 2018

Jairam Ramesh is making back breaking efforts to end his political exile. It is known that Congress president Rahul Gandhi is not to taken up Ramesh, hence, he has been sent to the freezer. One of Ramesh’s latest efforts is a new book he is writing, obviously on politics. The book is on Indira Gandhi and her political confidant PN Haksar, bringing out many known and unknown facts. Expectedly, the book refers to the strained relation between Haksar and Sanjay Gandhi. No wonder, then, that this has provoked an immediate response from Sanjay and Maneka’s son, Varun Gandhi. His tweet says: “One failed politician (Ramesh) is writing on a failed bureaucrat (Haksar) and the attack is on a person who gifted India with its biggest post-Independence enterprise, Maruti. Last heard, the book has bombed and so the publisher is offering a 30-40 per cent discount on all online and offline sales. And Jairam himself is now pushing the book by releasing select excerpts of it in foreign newspapers. But to little avail, sources say.

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